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Karate Helps Attention Deficit Disorder

Staying on task for the hyperactive person (ADHD) and paying attention for the inattentive person (ADD) is a challenge.

Aerobic exercise with complex movements in a rigid schedule is the most important intervention according to Dr. Gary Johnson of the C.A.L.M clinic and Dr. Ratey in Spark

Students will learn karate and benefit in the following ways

Katherine and Charlie
  • Succeed in every class
  • Improve focus, concentration and sustain attention
  • Increase self control
  • Improve patience
  • Improve discipline
  • Improve memory
  • Control emotions and actions
  • Increase Executive Function (motivation, prioritization, organization, analysis)
  • Stimulate dopamine production in the brain
  • Decrease shyness
  • Be strong, not a victim
  • Increase social confidence so you are not bullied
  • Mind body awareness
  • Physical Fitness